The Supplier Development Programme operates on a three pillar approach. One of the key pillars of the SDP is that of the Consultants.

The UNDP Botswana held a three-day training for shortlisted Business Development Consultants on the Supplier Development Methodology (SDM) from the 7th – 9th August 2018 in Gaborone, Botswana.

The objective of the workshop was to train the consultants on the Supplier Development Methodology to enable them to be able to assist qualifying SMEs, the Suppliers, in their quest to supplier the large Buyers. The aim of the SDM Training was to ensure that the Consultants were equipped with the tools from the SDM that would be crucial to their mentorship of the Suppliers towards increased productivity and efficiency.

The training was conducted by experts from UNDP Pakistan who have a vast experience on successful implementation of the SDP Methodology in their country, having conducted similar trainings for other countries including, Kenya and Nigeria. A total of 30 Batswana consultants were trained in the first cohort.