SDP Youth Connekt

About SDP Youth Connekt

UNDP is rolling out the tried and tested African #YouthConnekt platform in Botswana supported by the Russian Federation, through the Russia-UNDP Trust Fund for Development (TFD). In partnership with the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Culture Development (MYSC) and Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH), the Youth Connekt platform will assist 36 youth entrepreneurs and start-ups through tailored entrepreneurship and leadership training and mentorship, with a dual focus on economic growth and social impact. 

In addition, more than 300 youth will also benefit from digital spaces and dialogues, social change initiatives and linkages to potential markets, financing services, investors, mentors and partners.

The #YouthConnekt platform and support services will increase youth job opportunities and start-up success rates.

The project will contribute to the achievement of SDG 4, 5 and 8 by providing learning opportunities and skills building, addressing gender disparities in the entrepreneurship and business sector and creating decent employment.

Key Outcomes of Youth Connekt Botswana

  •  Enhanced entrepreneurial skills and business practices developed in youth-owned start-ups

  • Collaborative community engagement and networking for social change

  • Co-creation and digital spaces provided for innovative youth entrepreneurs


  • 36 youth enterprises to undergo training and mentorship with a SDP consultant for 5 months
  • Youth Connekt Months: CSR events and activities led by Batswana Youth
  • Youth Dialogues across Botswana
  • Capacity building workshops for youth conducted across the country
  • Co-creation and digital spaces provided for innovative youth entrepreneurs

Selection Criteria

  • Citizen owned (51% and above)
  • Must be either a beneficiary of Youth Development Fund or BIH development programmes
  • Operating within one of the 8 focus sectors of the SDP
  • Place of operation is in close vicinity of prospective buyers
  • Current employment exceeds 1 with potential to create additional employment
  • Annual turnover shows signs of business viability and sustainability
  • Can show evidence of previous track record of supplies
  • The business is value adding (not an agency type of business)
  • Innovation or niche market

Contact Us

Ms. Bame Modungwa

Project Officer – Supplier Development Programme


Cell: +26774793355

Ms. Chaiana Khertek

UNV – Youth Connekt


Cell: +267 76144253