Meet the Participants

Morupule Coal Mine

Morupule Coal Mine (MCM) is a coal mining company located on the outskirts of Palapye in the Central district of Botswana.  MCM is 100% owned by the Government of Botswana under the Minerals Development Company Botswana. MCM has been mining coal in Botswana since 1973.

LUCARA Botswana

Lucara Diamond Corporation is a 100 percent owned Karowe diamond mine. It is located in Letlhakane, Botswana. Karowe mine has been in production since 2012 and is one of the world’s foremost producers of large, high quality, Type IIA diamonds in excess of 10.8 carats.

Botswana Ash

Botswana Ash is owned by the Government of Botswana and Chlor Alkali Holdings (CAH) Group, South African Company, at 50% shareholding each. BOTASH began operating in 1991 and it is located in Sua Pan in the north eastern part of Botswana, approximately 180 kilometers from Francistown.

Khoemacau Copper Mine

Khoemacau’s Zone 5 operation is a new, large and long-life mine development project located in the highly-prospective Kalahari copper belt in Botswana. Barminco’s scope of services includes mine development, establishment of underground mine infrastructure, diamond drilling and mine production at an initial rate of 3.6 Mt per annum of copper ore with multiple expansion opportunities.

National Agro Processing Plant (NAPRO)

National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) set up NAFTEC Investments (Pty) Ltd- a subsidiary company whose sole mandate is to commercialise the Centre’s Research and Development Outputs. NAFTEC Investments established this horticultural agro-processing plant trading as NAPRO in Selebi Phikwe to process horticultural produce into products. It is of its first kind in Botswana

Cresta Group Limited

Cresta Marakanelo Limited operates in the travel and tourism sector, concentrating on the provision of hotel services to business travellers. In addition to accommodation, Cresta, as part of its services, offers customers restaurants, bars, safari tours, provision of conference facilities, outside catering, as well as other ancillary business activities carried out from the Hotels.

Grand Palm

Just a few minutes from the city centre of Gaborone and 12 km from the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, lies The Grand Palm Hotel Casino and Convention Resort. Here you will find the luxurious 187-key Peermont Walmont and the 149-key 3-star Peermont Metcourt Inn, 4 dining options, live entertainment, a thrilling Casino, a Salon and the Camelot Health and Beauty Spa, all underpinned by warm Botswana hospitality.


Debswana Diamond Company was established in 1969 and it is owned in equal shares by the Government of the Republic of Botswana and The De Beers Group of Companies. It is one of the world’s leading diamond producers by value and volume. Debswana operates four diamond mines in Orapa, Letlhakane, Damtshaa and Jwaneng.


Choppies is the leading supermarket chain in Africa. The supermarket retail offering includes leading international food brands and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) products as well as Choppies’ own private label for value-minded consumers.

PSS Steel Fabricators

Welding and Fabrication of Steel Products Email: Tel: 71 245 790

Horizons Investments

Rubber lining, ceramic tilling, corrosion control, conveyor splicing P O Box 301040 Francistown Metsef Tel: 2402002 / Fax: 2402002 Cell: 71636533 / 75274746 Email:,


Refrigeration, power reticulation ,upholstery, air con and security installation

Leseding Farms

Farm Produce Email: Tel: 71682745/ 73799678

New Way Holdings

Anti-corrosive paintings services P O Box 330 Mathangwane Tel: 74758686/ 73188051/ 71691359 Email:

CupCake Ville

Cakes and confectionery Tel: 71446452 Email:

Magic Concept

Branding, Signs, Vehicle Branding, Embroidery and T Shirt Printing

Tati Creek

Construction and civil works services Tel: 72223810 / 74170738 Email:

Maphaneng Vegetables

Farm Produce Tel: 71616215/ 73369170/ 77410648 Email:

Gantsi Beef

Meat Processing & Abattoir Equipment Tel: 391 9749

Pre Uam Holdings

Machinery health diagnostics P.O. Box 10124, Tati-Town, Francistown Plot 861, Haskins Street 9999 Francistown, Botswana Tel: 2485232 Fax: 2485232 Cell: 71329095/ 72447375 / 72440101 Email:

Ratoccs Farms

Farm Produce Email: Tel: 71453795

Gasa Holdings

Engineering and Logistics 406/7 Moffat Street, Francistown Email: Tel: +267 2410212 Cell: +267 713 20 75

Makha Foundation

Roller shutter doors P O Box 242 Palapye Tel: 71625488 Email:

Three Lions

Workwear, safari gear, protective clothing,canvas & embroidery services Email: Tel: 686 2421

Green Weathers

Chemicals and Chemical Products,Cleaning (Services, Materials, Detergents),Gardening and Horticulture products PO Box 10938 Palapye Tel: 4970096 Fax:4922889 Cell: 71498091/ 73349409 Email:

Analytix MEA

ICT, governance, risk and compliance consultancy P O Box 2001 Gaborone Tel: 71219000/ 73819000 Email:

Orbit Sanitation

Waste management, transportation and disposal P O Box 350089 Maun Tel: 6800183

Advanced Power Systems

Electrical Engineering Consulting Services and Specialist Contracting Services Email: Tel: 3112005

Gee Bee and Sons

Construction and Maintenance,Civil Works, Electrical (services) as well as Plant (non mining) services Tel: 71246315/71757747/ 71540014 Email:

Gorsett Hydraulics

Hydraulics and Pneumatics P O Box 761 Palapye Tel: 4921445 / 75551809 Email:


Purifies and packages bottled water P O Box 20575, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 390 9290 Fax: +267 390 6660 Cell: +267 73 111 606 or 73 007 377 Email:


Plant rental, Civil construction and Heavy plant Maintenance Tel: 297 4639 Email: Chat:

Massive Brands

Branding and Design Plot 3276 Serorome Palapye, Botswana Tel: (+267) 492 3308 / (+267) 76 002 573

Sasa Interiors

Interior designers and interior architects M: +267 71776 094 | T: +267 390 3558 | F: +267 390 3518 E: The Design Quarter | Plot 75749 Setlhoa, Shop #6 Gaborone, Botswana


Rearing and supply of small stock (goat, lamb) P. O. Box AE 27 AEH Gaborone Tel: 72327298/ 74940272/ 72274890 Fax: 3113628 Email:

Makwaeba Farms

Farm Produce P O Box 10354 Selebi Phikwe Tel: 71462035

Year 1 Consultants


Project Management Expert with over 10 years’ experience from the SME consulting sector

Why did you join SDP? “To impart my knowledge and skills to businesses in need of growth.”

My dream for Botswana: “More sustainable businesses!”


Accountant with vast experience in corporate governance, accountancy and taxation

Why did you join SDP? “It’s an exciting opportunity for personal growth with the UN, and growth of my business.”

My dream for Botswana: ”A thriving SME sector.”


Engineer with 36 years of experience from the private and public sector

Why did you join SDP? “To contribute to the creation of a citizen-led growth in the construction industry.”

My dream for Botswana: “Economic wellbeing and financial independence of citizens. To gain upliftment and transition from SME to big business for the majority of citizens.”


An experienced accounting and finance business coach

Why did you join SDP? “Because of its unique approach that supports the SMMEs development and enhances their capabilities and growth.”

My dream for Botswana: “It is for my country to win the war against poverty and unemployment.”


Consultant with 25 year of experience in business development of SMEs and institutional clients

Why did you join SDP? “To play an active role in value chain development by linking large enterprises and SMEs.”

My dream for Botswana: “To see Botswana citizen owned businesses play an active role in the development of the country, through the provision of quality goods and services and thereby contribute to job creation.”


Quantity Surveyor and Construction Economist with over 15 years of consultancy experience

Why did you join SDP? “To ensure sustainable development of SMEs and to enable them to play a vital role in the SDP-led competitive value chains.”

My dream for Botswana: “To see growth in the economy where private sector plays a key role in creation of sustainable employment, reducing imports and increasing exports through internationally competitive value chains.”


Educational qualifications: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mining Engineering (from the University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, South Africa)
Consultancy experience: Consulting on Business and Mining Projects (Start-Ups, Drilling, Explosives, Crushing and Screening Plants)

Why did you join SDP? “The SDP consultancy space fills a big gap in our SME Development and Support in Botswana””

My dream for Botswana: “To see more Batswana trading locally and outer nationally.”


Over 20 years of experience in business development, investment promotion and corporate governance for the private and public sectors

Why did you join SDP? “I found it appealing as it would enable me to contribute to the national objectives of economic growth, diversification and employment creation through the empowerment of SMEs.”

My dream for Botswana: “I dream of a Botswana that has a higher level of socio-economic equality, underpinned by a diversified and sustainably developing economy. “


Consultant specializing in entrepreneurship development training, coaching and mentoring and accredited with Botswana Qualification Authority

Why did you join SPD? “To contribute to the development of the business sector in Botswana. The Supplier Development Program is a unique and relevant program for the development of SMEs in Botswana.”

My Dream for Botswana: “My ambition is to contribute positively to the economy of Botswana through imparting the right knowledge, skills and attitude towards SMEs.”


Industrial Engineering expert with over 10 years of experience in process and quality optimization consultancy

Why did you join SDP? ”I strongly subscribe to a pull production system and SDP promotes that concept hence I joined it.”

My dream for Botswana: “I dream of Botswana where local suppliers dominate the market.”


Business development consultant with over 20 years of experience, including agribusiness projects

Why did you join SDP? “To assist and transform SMEs into productive, efficient, reliable and sustainable businesses entities through the application of the SDP methodology.”

My dream for Botswana: “A peaceful country with a strong and diversified economy.”

zuma chengeta

Mining Geologist with 20 years of experience from the mining sector and strategic management

Why did you join SDP? “I saw an opportunity to contribute towards greater participation by local SMEs in the economy.”

My dream for Botswana: “A merit based, corrupt free and less unequal society.”


Manufacturing Engineer with vast experience in manufacturing and quality management

Why did you join SDP? “I’ve been involved in SDPs in the automotive industry and am willing to share my experience in the development of Botswana’s suppliers that will deliver world standard products and services”

My dream for Botswana: “Is to see local companies competing on the global market and developing an environment that fosters trade partnerships.”


Business Clinic Coordinator with vast experience in areas of strategy, financial management and planning

Why did you join SDP? “To be a change agent and strategist by contributing my expertise in developing local SMEs to improve their capacities and assist them to attain growth”

My dream for Botswana: “To see our economy raise national entrepreneurs who are multinational and have competitive capacity for the global market.”


Lead Consultant at own firm and former Director (public sector) with agribusiness and marketing expertise

Why did you join SDP? “To be part of a strategic partnership between international development organizations and entrepreneurs and to deliver business consultancy services”

My dream for Botswana: “A prosperous and inclusive country - economically, socially, culturally, environmentally and politically.”


Quantity Surveyor with over 18 years of experience, from Botswana and abroad, providing mentoring services to banks and institutions

Why did you join SDP? “it covers a different methodology in solving SME interventions. I hope the SDP can have a more impactful intervention in businesses and help grow SMEs in Botswana, especially youth owned companies”

My dream for Botswana: to see the country growing its food security sector and improve on adoption of ICT to improve livelihoods of Batswana, especially those in rural areas. I believe Government must focus on the growth of SMEs to achieve its transformation agenda.

Year 2 Consultants

Dennis Maswabi

Sustainable Enterprise Development Expert with more than 20 Years in Entrepreneurship Training, Supply Chain Management and Value Chain Development.

Why did you join SDP? To meaningfully contribute in build the capacity of local SME to deliver quality products with the requisite efficiency. To facilitate Business Growth and Global competitiveness.

What are your dreams for Botswana ? Attainment of Global Economic Competitiveness which can be achieved through the UNDP SDP. Attainment of a diversified and sustainable economy and a healthy livelihood of all citizens.

Aobakwe T. B. Modisanyane

Pr. Eng. –Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems Engineer with 20+ years’ experience in process, quality assurance and regulatory affairs in manufacturing, mining, and the construction sectors.

Why are you part of the SDP? To contribute to the empowerment and transformation of SMEs to enable them to competitively participate in the sustainable development of the economy

What are your dreams for Botswana ? To have a thriving business industry that employs ethical business practices driven by SMEs

Tlhotlheletso Ronald Yane

Work Experience of +30 years in business consultancy and end to end supply chain management solutions.

Why did you join SDP? I joined this programme as it will further equip me with structured tools, methodologies (SDM) and skills to systematically develop our SMMEs having co-formed similar intentioned units for Debswana and Botswana Chamber of Mines (COMBDF)

What are your dreams for Botswana? To expedite the realisation of robust & true Citizen Economic Empowerment and enhance the fortunes of Batswana entrepreneurs, general livelihood and the Botswana economy in an impactful sustainable fashion;leave an indelible legacy!

Ms. Olivia Adams

Economist with 18 years business development experience.

Why did you join SDP? An opportunity to contribute to citizen economic empowerment using global best practices.

What are your dreams for Botswana? A diversified economy with a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem as the driving force.

Ms. Chedza Marobela

Entrepreneurship development specialist with over 30 years’ experience in business financing and advisory services.

Why did you join SDP? To contribute towards value chain development, using the SPD's unique business model

What are your dreams for Botswana ? More local production and a reduced import bill.


Lead Consultant at own Firm with over 14 years experience in Business Development.

Why did you join SDP? To contribute towards improving SMEs competitiveness

What are your dreams for Botswana ? To see small businesses in Botswana produce quality goods and services that match international standards

Bannister Moilwa

BSc Agriculture holder with more than 30 years’ experience in promoting agricultural enterprises through technical skill transfer.

Why are you part of the SDP? To contribute in the development of SMEs into productive and sustainable businesses using SDP methodologies.

What are your dreams for Botswana ? To be self-sufficient in food production, improved agricultural business knowledge and sustainable food security through targeted interventions.

Masego Marobela

Lead Consultant on Quality Infrastructure at own company and an Analytical Chemist by profession with 36 years of experience nationally and internationally

Why did you join SDP? To contribute my expertise so that SMEs embrace implementation of standards and use conformity assessment services in their businesses.

What are your dreams for Botswana? To see increased participation of SMEs in local, regional and global value chains

Ketshidile Tlhomelang

Minerals Engineer and Project Management expert with 30 years’ experience in the Mining-related industry.

Why are you part of the SDP? To promote the best entrepreneurial practices in an endeavor to touch, shape, and make a phenomenal impact in the lives of many people.

What are your dreams for Botswana ? Driven by the desire to positively influence SMEs in Botswana to migrate to appealing participation as critical contributor to the economy of their country.

Dr Nkisang Moeti

A seasoned agent of change and strategist consultant, trainer, executive coach and mentor with over 25 years’ experience.

Why did you join SDP? To be an agent of change and make a profound contribution to Botswana’s economy by imparting my expertise to ensure sustainable development of SMME’s

What are your dreams for Botswana? To see growth in the economy where local companies have competitive capacity for the global market to reduce dependence on externalized economies

Malebogo Lolo Phillip

A Business Coach with more than 20 years in business development of SMEs in different sectors of Botswana’s economy.

Why did you join SDP? To implement what I have learnt in business development throughout the years in a more accountable and exciting way

What are your dreams for Botswana? To have a self-sustainable economy where most of the essential goods are produced locally and can compete globally.

Bonang Sealetsa

Founder at Institute of Entrepreneurial Development (IED) with over 15 years experience as a trainer, mentor and business startup consultant.

Why did you join SDP? I am passionate about SME development and pleased to be part of any platform that seeks to advance Botswana’s economic transformation

What are your dreams for Botswana? To see Botswana as a beacon for innovation, entrepreneurship and prosperity in Africa and beyond.

Osborn Mbaiwa

Bs Industrial Engineer with 2 decades business improvement and quality management industry experience.

Why did you join SDP? SDP offers an opportunity for me to contribute my rich quality management and business improvement experience for the development of the local SMME industry.

What are your dreams for Botswana? Greater participation of citizen owned companies in the local supply chain, and in the development of Botswana’s economy.

Ratang Dijeng

has 28 years’ of experience which includes entrepreneurship, enterprise and organizational development, as well as SME banking

Why did you join SDP? To gain new skills and competencies in supply chain development for SME industry.

What are your dreams for Botswana? Competitive SMEs trading within Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Lebang K. Kolagano

is a driven creative and entrepreneur with over 20 years in the creative and leather industries.

Why did you join SDP? It’s an exciting, tried, and tested method that is inclusive and results orientated.

What are your dreams for Botswana? To have a vibrant and internationally competitive manufacturing sector contributing to sustainable development through value addition.

Thato Kewakae

B.Eng. (Computer) MBA USB-EDP: Experience in business management, ICTs, project and operations management. Worked with SMEs, government, and corporate sectors. Has Executive and Corporate Board experience.

Why did you join SDP? I passionately believe in growth of SME ventures.

What are your dreams for Botswana? To advocate for inclusive digital technologies for socio-economic development of Botswana.


Consultant with over 20 years in enterprise productivity and quality improvement.

Why did you join SDP? To actively contribute towards transforming local SMME’s to become globally competitive.

What are your dreams for Botswana? Sustainable citizen economic empowerment through a competitive private sector.

Mr. Shushein O. Baitshenyetsi

Mr. Shushein O. Baitshenyetsi, a seasoned Business Consultant, Trainer and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Why did you join SDP? To employ my business development skills to help transform SMMEs into sustainable enterprises.

What are your dreams for Botswana? To see SMMEs being among the top 3 main contributors to the Botswana economy.

Bashi Gaetsaloe

25 years ‘experience working in both the private and public sectors and for two global companies.

Why did you join SDP? Through the UNDP SDP Programme I aim to use these experiences to grow Botswana’s next generation of competitive and sustainable businesses.

What are your dreams for Botswana? To see competitive and sustainable SMMEs.


Manufacturing Engineering specialist with over 15 experience in Manufacturing research, design, production and management.

Why did you join SDP? To get an opportunity to participate in the development of the local SMEs.

My dream for Botswana: To see Agrobusiness and Manufacturing activities generating a minimum employment of 20% of the population.

Chawada B Machacha-Kebonang

Educational Qualifications: FCCA, MBA

Professional Experience: Over 25 years of executive experience spanning audit, accounting, training and development, Human Resource and Business Consultancy.

Why did you join SDP? I saw an opportunity to participate in a program that will catalyse the economic recovery of Botswana through the development and growth of Small Medium Enterprises.

What are your dreams for Botswana? I dream of a self-reliant and economically diversified Botswana powered by small and medium businesses across all economic sectors.

Ontiretse Pitso Letshabo

Academic qualification: BEng (Hons), MBA, PrEng

Professional Experience: Section Engineer, Production Engineer and Project Manager in the Mining Industry. Engineering Manager in a multidisciplinary construction firm, Consulting Engineer, Senior Facilities Manager Government Hospital Maintenance Projects. SME consultant in construction industry

Why did you join SDP? SDP programme has great potential for improving the economy and employment hence my interest.

What are your dreams for Botswana? Diversification is the elephant in the room. If I can contribute to this, why not

Dimpho Masike

Educational Qualification: EMBA Candidate with Quantic School of Business and Technology. Degrees (Double Major) in Marketing, Media Studies and Communication.Project Management

Professional Experience: A Business Development expert and managing director of a business consulting firm with over 10 years experience in entrepreneurship development

Why did you join SDP? It is an opportunity for me to continue imparting knowledge and supporting the budding entrepreneurship culture to those striving for growth and diversification of the economy.

What are your dreams for Botswana ? For Botswana to increase its self sufficiency through citizen empowerment and thus promoting sustainability of the economy.

Masego Gwaila

A Development Economist and Strategist who has worked in the SMMEs sector for 11 years empowering businesses with entrepreneurial and business management skills. A seasoned researcher with over 20 years work experience doing research in various economic sectors.

Why did you join SDP? The SDP gives the SMMEs an opportunity to grow and expand.

What are your dreams for Botswana? It is my dream to see an improvement in poverty alleviation and job creation in Botswana.

Joseph Modimakwane

Educational Qualifications - M.A. International Business Economics

Professional Experience – 21 years’ worth of experience in the Trade and Investment Industry.

Why did you join SDP? The programme offers me an opportunity to elevate the profiles of SMEs and improve their business acumen so that they can play a major role towards the government's transformational agenda.

What are your dreams for Botswana? To assist Botswana to be prosperous socio-economically and achieve its quest for becoming a high-income status.

Dikeledi Cardbox Pheko – Molamu

Qualified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) with 32 years of work experience in the Corporate world and 17 years in SME Development, focusing on- Financial advisory, coaching, mentoring, and Training.

Why did you join SDP? I joined UNDP because the SDP Methodology is a powerful tool that can assist SME gain competitiveness through robust quality assurance measures. The program is outcome based and therefore essential for SME development.

What are your dreams for Botswana? To see Botswana economy diversified and competitive in the global market with participation of SME and Youth owned enterprises and growth that will create employment and reduce inequality