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In support of its development mandate, UNDP Botswana partnered with the Government of Botswana and private sector to implement the Supplier Development Programme (SDP). The project works to create demand-based, market-driven opportunities for SMEs to increase their competitiveness through the innovative Suppliers Development Methodology (SDM), while connecting essential small-scale producers/suppliers to larger markets locally as well as abroad. Additionally, it aims strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in country to encourage innovation and create employment.

As a tool, the UNDP-SDP has a targeted approach to engage large scale companies purchasing (or willing to purchase) goods and services from SMEs. The main goal is centred on integrating suppliers into a strategic relationship that allows them to improve their productivity, competitiveness, and quality of products.

The UNDP-SDP brings together 3 partners a tripartite partnership (Buyers, Suppliers and Consultants) which is unique in Botswana. The partnership involves large regional and local firms (Buyers) with local small to medium businesses (Suppliers) and UNDP consultants.  The aim of the partnership is to encourage the Buyers who are currently importing products to supply the Botswana market to buy from local suppliers. UNDP has trained experienced local business consultants in the Supplier Development Methodology that has successfully been rolled out in many countries in South America and Asia. 


The SDM provides the basis from which consultants conduct their mentorship programme for selected supplier SMEs, who undergo the rigorous six stage improvement process over a period of 10 months. The process is led by the SDP Consultants with close involvement of the lead company or buyer to assist them to meet the standards required by the Buyers for local and regional markets.

The improvements brought about in these SMEs are set to enable them to: grow their productive capacity, manufacture an increased number of goods; improve upon the quality of their products, decrease lead times and costs; enhance their capacity to enter new markets including export markets. The important linkage between large sourcing companies and their small suppliers’ remains central to the assistance, helping the SME’s to expand and generate employment opportunities.

The SDP is focused on eight (8) priority sectors targeted to develop the associated value chains. These include: Mining, Agro-Processing, Leather, Projects (infrastructure), Textiles, Health, Digital and Other Manufacturing. This project is a component of the larger programme called “Support to Economic Diversification and Inclusive Growth Project” signed with the Ministry of Investment and Trade (MITI).

Benefits to the lead company (Buyer)

  • Efficiency in supply of raw materials and services from suppliers
  • Improved quality of products and services purchased
  • Reliable supply streams


Benefits to the SME (Supplier)

  • Optimized production processes leading to efficiency in operations
  • Improved quality of products and services rendered
  • Opportunities for upscaling production because of reliable market share offered by the lead company
  • Total logistics costs per unit is reduced
  • Return on invested capital is assured due to secured market

Selection Criteria (Buyers)

  • Buyer company is located and operates in Botswana
  • Buyer operates in one of the focus sectors of the SDP
  • Decision making of buyer company is made in Botswana


Selection Criteria (Suppliers)

  • Citizen owned (51% and above)
  • Must be a pre-existing supplier to one of the SDP Buyers
  • Operating within one of the 8 focus sectors of the SDP
  • Place of operation (vicinity of prospective buyers)
  • Current employment (potential to create employment)
  • Can show a previous track record of supplies
  • Value adding (not an agency type of business)
  • Innovation or niche market

UNDP Botswana

UNDP operates in more than 170 countries and territories around the world. UNDP offers global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations that can withstand crisis, and that drive and sustain growth that improves the quality of life for everyone.

In Botswana, the role of UNDP is shaped by the status of the country as an upper middle-income country. UNDP has been collaborating with the Government, civil society and the private sector to develop solutions to meet global and national development challenges. UNDP’s approach has been to develop 

and sustain strategic partnerships that find innovative solutions to address gaps on both the demand and supply side of development processes.

Botswana has reached a relatively high level of infrastructure development, is well-resourced and able to fund most of its developmental needs. However, Botswana requires best practices, high-quality policy advice on how best to respond to challenges associated with its middle-income status, including widening inequalities and disparities, persistent poverty among population groups, and climate change and natural disaster risks.

SDP Methodology

 SMEs/Suppliers will undergo training over a period of 10 to 12 months, led by dedicated trained consultants with close involvement of the Buyers. This SDP process consists of the following six (6) stages:


Boitumelo Mbaakanyi (BA, FCCA, FCPA)

Project Manager – Supplier Development Programme (SDP)

Professional Experience

Project Management, Private Sector Development, Management Consultancy, Financial Management, Audits (Internal / External / Forensic), Corporate Governance, Corporate Renewals

Odirile Sabure (MBA, BBA)

Project Officer-Supplier Development Programme (SDP

Professional Experience

Entrepreneurial Consultancy, Mentorship and advocacy, Project Management, Marketing Research

Bame Modungwa (BCom, MCom)

Project Officer – Supplier Development Programme (SDP

Professional Experience

Project Coordination; Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement; Communications; Capacity Building Training; in Economic Development; Enterprise Development; Youth Empowerment

Boitumelo Rantswaneng (BA)

Project Assistant – Supplier Development Programme (SDP)

Professional Experience

Entrepreneurship Development, Business Relationship Management, Small Business Consultancy, Program Management, Business Planning, Tender Evaluation & Adjudication, Monitoring & Evaluation, Accounting

Chaiana Khertek (B.Sc, M.Sc)

YouthConnekt Officer – Supplier Development Programme (SDP)

Professional Experience

Marketing projects coordination, digital communications, client relations in corporate sector

Loveness Godisamang (BFin.)

Finance and Administration Assistant – Supplier Development Programme (SDP)

Professional Experience

Financial Management ,Grants Management, Project management and Administration


Project Manager - Private Sector Recovery Plan


Digital Officer - Supplier Development Programme (SDP)